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releases January 1, 2020

Made with Clara-54fX-2c1.


all rights reserved



DAV!D&CLARA Albuquerque, New Mexico

Writer , composer , blogger.

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Track Name: High on life
All you shootin' something into your veins, but it's not even top ten compared my drug of choice.
I do it every day, every moment, every second. It's endless, because it's all around me.
Smell the night and western wind, the sun's setting, I see my own heaven.

Get stoned, get drunk, Gulp it down, breathe it in, get high on life.
No you don't need to smoke it, don't need to drink it, don't need to shoot up, Just breathe in./Don't know what I mean? Just breathe it in./
It don't cost a thing. Just breathe it in.The beauty of everything. It's all you'll ever need.
The good and even the bad, the worst and best you ever had. There's a beauty to all of it, just breathe it in.

V2:You won't need rehab, side effects, you'll just be stuck with a honey glow, wherever you go.
Dependency is guaranteed. That's how it was designed, to set you free.
The euphoria is infectious, to which there is no cure, that's for sure.Hook. Chorus.

A sunset like a sea of flames, you'll see this world the way I do. /Get high on the beauty of everything. It don't cost a thing.
Just breathe it in. It's all you'll ever need.
Track Name: Margie (X_0)
forgive me. my dragon fly , my darling.but you're tougher and sweeter than the rest , yeah that's you. i know you don't like me saying it , but it's true.

hook:she's the one with the brown hair. blowing in the wind. golden porcelain skin.
the one dancing to her own beat. Joy of a child of her soul and her feet.

margie , as pure as love itself can be.

margie , no one can match your beauty.

margie it's funny , you're the one who always told me.

yeah , i know everyone lies. but how can they when they look in your eyes.

hello love. why is it you're the one I find myself thinking of. (When I look up at a clear blue sky?)
keeps me off the drugs. and looking up into the stars and universe that make me feel all the love. Chorus. Post Hook.

who is the fairest , who is beautiful , who makes it better? it's you , the light that guides me. The voice of reason in the back of my mind.
and I am nothing without it. and I wouldn't want it anyother way.

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