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A culmination and celebration of how far I've come. The album is being completed as we speak, tracks being recorded, remastered, songs being written. A new concept to challenge myself.

Tracks will be released as the months go on. The complete album arriving when I say in 2018.

Release date is May 9th, 2018.



released May 9, 2018

Everything done by DAV!D while hyped up on Mountain dew baja blast with as little sleep as possible, Clara comfortably rocking out.


all rights reserved




Writer , composer , blogger.

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Track Name: Do it like you mean it
Do it like you mean it.

Is there such a thing, as sweet simplicity. I believe there is./ Cause I've tasted it more than once. I'm addicted to it.

Sweet when too much bitter. Refreshing when too stale.
Nice and cold in the inferno, keeps you warm in the winter.

You can't just touch, you can't just love. Takes away from the feeling. Do it like you mean it.
You can't just make someone's heart fly, and say goodbye. Roll with the feeling. Do it like you mean it.

Is there such a thing as pure unrequited kindness? I never knew what it was, until you.
I never knew what paradise was, until you. It's like there was nothing before, because I started living. I just started loving.

You can love, you can touch. Doesn't take from my loving. Cause you done it like you meant it.
You made my heart fly, but didn't say goodbye. We're rolling in the heaven. We did it, cause we meant it.

I fell in love with your kindness. Departure causes my heart to further it's fondness for you.
I fell for your eyes, every sunset I turn to, and there you are.
These words I croon to you, not exhausting, but rejuvinating.
Track Name: Beautiful "X3"
I can feel something bigger coming. In my bones. My marrow, anything is possible. Gonna live it up like there's no tomorrow. My heart's stuck in groovin', in 5th gear. 7,000 rpm and I keep movin'. A leap of faith. Conquered my fears. It's got me feeling weightless, no boundaries. Because I'm perfect the way I am naturally.

I can't feel my hate, nor the darkness within. Skin feels clean. Letting go of my forgiven sins.

It's a perfect sunny day. I'm feeling beautiful./ I ain't perfect. Thank god I'm not. Don't need to be to feel this beautiful.
I can take life 4 out of 5 and be happy fine. I can take it and still taste the sweet life, the flavor I always savor.
It ain't perfect, and I never asked for it. 4 out of 5 and I'm fine.

Half empty or full, I can still fill it back up. That good stuff. I can't get enough./
It ain't broke, don't fix it. cause it's beautiful just the way it is.
Track Name: Melody "X269"
V1: Found a melody to set me free. Beat pulsing within my veins.
Taking me through the day and night, through visions and universes, altering my destiny.
I was strung out, but I gave it up. You never give it up, just choose a new addiction, my choice is you. Melody.

Hook:Oh fate, won't you play with me today. Cause me to make something lasting, a masterpiece for the galaxies.

Somethin sweet, intoxicating. Better than Oxycontin, I'm addicted to the sound. Oh play me a melody.
Better than meth, the tequlia soaked kiss of death. Better than cocaine. Like touching heaven.
Sober for the purest loving, play me that melody. Forever, baby.

The sweetest it could be, like the warps of time, sky full of stars, a melody, constantly inside of me.
I left my addictions, traded for affliction. A melody, constantly evolving and changing, bursting within. and I love it.

Through my mind, into my fingers. You've blessed me. Oh lady fate, playing me a melody.
Track Name: Blood Moon "X62"
I've been waiting for this. A change, a shift. To my favor, my goal of this endeavor.
It's not about me, but all of us. To live life to it's fullest pleasure, the finest extent.

Hook:Like a beat on my broken record, I play it needless over and over.

I ain't dreaming, like I do. But I never thought life could be this good. Under the blood moon.
Something in the magic, the stars are falling for my wishes. No end to what I can do.
Been blessed with all I do. Under the the blood moon.

Post Chorus:
It's pure magic and casting, no restriction, to plenty, no fasting. I fell in love with the pure magic.

Drinkin' up the night, drinking up the energy. Endless. Infectious.
Drinking from the moons waters. In my cup the finest fruit from the vine, watching the stars align.
Track Name: Power of Love "X113"
A force, never failing. Ultimate, the truest, purest kind of loving. With the brain, not ith the classist.
Lest we not forget kindness, without it, we'd be worthless. Only ego is your weakness.

I see with my heart, forgive my eyes and their prejudice society taught me. I'll love unconditionally.

You, why don't you come near to me? Just a kiss, love doesn't have to be scary.
You, give up completely. To the power of love, a force to be reckoned with.

Get with the program. Face it, Human kind won't survive. These minior issues, mean nothing on the other side.

Don't have a price, don't matter your vice. Thin or fat, Love is one size loves all.

Sometimes, I could swear, god is whistling through my heart. I hear the pitch, the breath, like honey and the finest of figs.
Love is kind, love is blind. Non-racist, classist, ageist, sizeist sexist. Get with it.
Let your inner desires run riot. Your true loving, sweetest beyond all others, delectable.
Track Name: Sunset Eyes
Sunset Eyes

Hook (as the intro)
V1:walk in like you own the place.but your humble pie.yes and i know you're mine.
so tall you could knock over the strong enough for 10 of them , you ain't one to trifle.
so sweet , more delectable than chocolate.if there was a list , you'd be at the top of it.
Hook:i don't believe in perfect.but you're pretty damn close to it.
I want to feel alive. I want to get lost in your sunset eyes.
i didn't think i could feel like this.but it's in your kiss.
I want to feel alive. Lost in a kiss, forever in bliss. I want to get lost in your sunset eyes./I want to get lost in your sunset eyes.

V2:Tell me what'cha do baby.Cause it keeps me coming to your door.Loving you has become my chore.
Making me into a whore.I want more.Your eyes/soft like clouds and sharp as knives.It makes me feel alive.Makes me cry.
Bridge:i want to get lost in your arms.I want to get lost in your love.No baby is like sweet as pure so true.
in your eyes i can see the past and future.i can see forever.that is why.Chorus.Hook(as the outra).
Track Name: Luxe Life
Oooh bet you never knew, oooh bet you never knew.

There's a side of me. Unstoppable. Sexual. Animal.

But here i am, here i stand. Are you ready for me baby? You better be ready baby.

Taste that cristal. Taste that luxe life. No rules, we are not required. Just our hearts desire.

There's a hurricane in my heart. Crash into you like Miami. My one and only.

when I get you in my arms. 8.0 on the richter. When I get you in my arms. somethin' galactic so much better.

I can't be all talk and no walk. Gonna show you what I mean.
Baby touch me, feel forever. baby touch me, I'll take you to heaven.
Track Name: X77-2
"Wondering" "Endless"(X77-2(file 2) )

I get to be with you once again, more than a friend, i don't want it to end.
It's white and gray, then a hue of color, what can I say. you make me crazy.

fingers like a painting, drawing my pleasure from the tips, lips like a poet, igniting me the first time we met.

something endless that will never dissipate, it's endless and infinite everytime I see your's forever more, the one I adore, just one taste and I'm on the floor.

it's a texture, a vector, knowing your direction. I don't want no other, telling you apart, one from the other.
taking me to happy from sadness, love, the entirety of it's vastness

from cloudy to sunny, words dripping with honey, heart melted solid hard boiled, with you, now I'm all runny.
I'm overthinking that I'm thinking of you, wondering if you're thinking of me.
Track Name: Under The Heart
V1: You think I hate you. But I don't. / I just don't understand, why you don't understand me. But that don't matter.
Hook: But love, it stays the same. My love for you mother, will never fade.

The first thing I heard was your voice, the warmth of your protection, first thing I felt was the beat, under the heart.
No matter where I go, what I do, you're my mother, nothing can ever change that. I, I, I grew under the heart.
Under the heart, something never to part.

V2: You're not replaceable. You're unique in your best./ Mother though I may not do all that you ask for, I respect you the same.

What did it feel like, when I was under your heart?I wish I could remember, when I was under the heart.

No matter where I go. What I do, Fame or fortune, you are my mother. The first thing I felt was your heartbeat.
The first thing heard, your voice. I will always love you. Nothing can ever change that.
Track Name: Soaked
Soaked (originally written for "ALPHA")(Set to the beat of the "When Doves Cry (Prince Cover)" Beat file in magix)
Needs to be more thoroughly recorded. Destroy old file. You have a voice, use it.

V1:i hear your groaning,of what im doin to you.i Feel your body yearnin' , for another touch from my hand.
I turn you on , i get you off.its My lust & your love.
Fantasize all you want.The real thing is so much better.
hook:Love me, lust me, got a sugar rush just thinking of me. Of my loving.
Chorus:My body fits yours just like a glove. Waves of affection. I'm soaked in love.
you wanted my lovin' & now you got it. Soaked in your affection. now I'm soaked in your love.
Knocked me down like a tsunami. Blew me away, like a hurricane. I'm soaked in your love.
V2:Don't be fooled.Looks are decieving.Are you following , cause I'm leading. Taking you home. Won't leave that alone.
But know that if you follow this.You're gonna get more than a good night kiss.

is that a chance you want to miss? A satisfaction to dissmiss? Hook.Chorus.
Interlude:if you follow this.You're gonna get more than akiss.Is that a chance you want to miss? A satisfaction to diss? Chorus (X4).
Baby, do you believe in pure magic? You best believe, it's overtaking me.
Track Name: Bodywork

V1: What a lucky lover I am. I got you, and you wrapped around my finger. The sweetest scent that lingers. Like honeysuckle and sex.
You got your flaws, Imperfection better than heaven, I want them all.

What a lucky lover am I, I got you. Wrapped around my finger. You ain't going nowhere, my yoyo. You leave and I just got a tug, and
you're right back to me.

Hook: Hips, lips sex flex. Make you sweat. Gonna make you want me.

Yeah you got somethin' special, truly.
Make you want it until hurts, I want to make your body work for me, for me..

Yeah we're goin into overtime.
Make you want it until hurts, I want to make your body work for me, for me..

Make you want my kiss til it hurts, knife twisted in the wound, the sweetest of kisses if I was loving you.

V2: What a lucky lover am I. Wished upon a star, my fantasy, draped over a sports car./You see it's more than just the physical attractions.
It's the lust, animalistic, can't predict it. It's my imagination running wild.
What a lucky lover am I. Got you like my yoyo, leave and I just tug, you're right back next to me.

It was all touch and go, until you kissed me, and I know. That you want something sweeter than sugar, brighter than the sun,
is that what it means to love? Yeah.
Track Name: X257
Drunk from a kiss, the lust. It's turbine powered, mechanical in nature. Galactic, wishing for more upon every shooting star.
It's spiritual, no gimmick or snear. I can feel every fiber. Feel your wounds, protecting you from danger./

Hook: Cloudy to sunny. From dried up to flowing forth, breaking your barriers. Knocking you down, my lust is an ocean wave.

Minimalist, just a kiss from you is my decadence. Gold and platinum, there's nothing better.
Smooth like butter, sinning with flying with you baby, there's nothing better./
I expect no less. I take I get. You don't think I tasted heaven. You wanna bet?
Minimalist, just a kiss from you is my decadence. Gold and platinum, there's nothing better.

v2:It ain't about what's deserved, or earned, it's what I want./ And I got it. Sorry if I flaunt it. I found a light and sweetness, and I keep it
safe. Got no time for the vacuous, the Satisfaction-less. You can't drink from me baby. Ain't my fault you all dry.

Taste the paradise, taste the heaven, exiled in peace on my own inner island.

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